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A shot of espresso dropped in a cup of brewed coffee.
When I go into severe caffeine withdrawal, a shot in the dark will straighten me right out.
by sneaky ruds October 08, 2007
6 35
to take a somewhat random chance at something; a hopeful attempt
"Hey, shot in the dark here... you want to do something sometime?"
by GAT4 August 30, 2009
59 6
Occurs when peeing late at night or early in the morning, (usually accompanied by an unfortunate boner) when the pee-er fails to turn on the light due to sleepiness - leading the pee-er to urinate in the darkness and get piss all over the floor.

Common responses include "fuck it" under the pee-ers' breath, but responses NEVER include cleaning the stray urine off the floor. (sometimes leaving the mother to clean it)
MOM - John, did you pee on the floor?

JOHN - Sorry, I took a shot in the dark

MOM - Fuck it
by JOHN JOHNSON Jinglesmith November 05, 2009
13 15