A short I E is term used to describe a hot sexy girl. with a great amazing body.

famous for being used by T- Pain
(girl walks by)
by 69awesomes March 22, 2009
Top Definition
A short, cute good looking girl.
Look at this shorty
by Krysti January 11, 2004
'Shortie' can be the ghetto name for girl-friend.
"Hey shortie! What's up boo?"
by Flora Veale August 05, 2005
Term of endearment, primarily for females.
How's it goin', shortie?
by Clementine Kruczynski September 10, 2006
Female who is primarily interested in a short-term relationship.

Antonym of 'wifey'.
I do not enjoy staying committed to one girl, as my immature narcissistic world view prevents me from doing so. Therefore I maintain an alternating stable of shorties, due to my nature as a thoughtless womanizer ignorant of how my irresponsible actions affect others.
Alternate spelling of shorty. Denotes a woman or a child.
Ey, boo, wha's yo' name, shortie?
by ATLFreshNClean October 31, 2003
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