A thing that needs rep love and attention, epically in this lower regions.
Shoki me up.
by -rep banit! June 20, 2004
Shoh-kee or Snokie

#1 The title or name given to one that fucks up or lacks the capability to grasp the English language.

#3 Person or persons that have a large amount of time.(Were talking find cure for cancer time.)

#4 To cross a moral line.

#5 to stalk in a animal like nature.

#6 One who can be beckoned with the name kittay.
#1 You pulled a shokism!
#3 your a bordering a shokiy.
#5 Shokish.
#6 KITTAY =^_^=
by -rep banit! June 20, 2004

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