Slang for shit on toast.
A joke spawned from the mispronounciation of 'Choast' (cheese on toast). When people are making choast, and someone doesn't know what they mean, they usually ask for 'Shoast'. It is then customary for the other people involved to not explain the difference, while someone prepares shoast for the unlucky individual, then chases them with it.
Bill: hey anyone want some choast!?
Tony: yeah!
Franky: whats shoast!? i want shoast!
Bill: u want shoast ey franky!?
Franky: yeah i want shoast!
Tony: ok dude im havin sum choast but il make u sum shoast man!
(skip to next dialogue as its explained above)
by ttoonnyy3 April 21, 2009
Top Definition
Shoast is anything that falls out of a taco or slice of pizza.

Taco Shoast if most often found in the bottom of a Taco Bell wrapper.

Pizza Shoast is found at the bottom of a pizza box.

Some believe that Shoast has no calories.
Are you going to eat your shoast?
by VKR_Band March 20, 2010
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