The southern word for sure enough that is said in the help like elevendeeseven times
”did ya'll get the fried chicken?”
”sho nuff I did bitch!”
by bitch ass punk December 06, 2013
to agree with ones ideas or beliefs, or to acknowledge being talked to.
playa 1. awww shit nigga, i dun hit dat pussy up quick

playa 2. Sho'nuff nigga
by E July 30, 2003
sho-nuff is a word meaning....yea buddy meaning HELL YEA....meaning lets get the party started home g also means....*thats right*
Libby-are u coming to my house tomorrow?
by Ariana November 17, 2003
confirmation; in the form of a response.
"You mean I'm WHITE?" "Sho Nuff"
by Emo_Panda March 03, 2003
Something black.
Free biskets with a bucket of fried chicken? Sho 'nuff!
by Dugan May 07, 2003
a black way of saying really?, or yup,or real, or sure enough
Richard: Yo man, they got some sho nuff sun down in Cali.
DJ:Yo what you talking bout, white boy?!
Richard: Man, I just aced my test!
DJ:Sho nuff? I got B.

by Anke3000 October 13, 2005
To, go ass out or all the way.
Dude, if I wasn't sho nuff, I would have never wrecked my faggish import car with all the mexican doodads on it such as a rear spoiler that will only work at speeds that I will never achieve.
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
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