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I love eating shmeck all the way.
1) Choppped potato jammys
2) cook
by negger April 29, 2004
A non-insulting substitute for "fuck". Commonly used by people who swear a lot and want to break the habit.
Person A: "Man I'm so shmecking hungry"
Person B: "What do you mean by shmeck?"
Person A: "Look it up on urban dictionary lets get some tacos"
Person B: "Yeah alright"
by Bleegggggg March 25, 2006
Another Word for Shit used by Catholic School Children.
My Food tastes like Shmeck.
by Dylan Manning February 20, 2005
Another word used by Catholic School Students for "Shit"
It smells like shmeck in the church today.
by Dylan Manning February 20, 2005
A slang term for the slang term smecks (sex), that just sounds better and can be used in many situations.
Derivatives: buttshmecks, queershmecks, boobshmecks/boobyshmecks, mouthshmecks, handshmecks and anything like that.

Also see: Shmecksee.
I really wanna have shmecks with my physics teacher...
by Tyranosaurus Alan March 25, 2010
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