adj. 1)very pleasant, of high caliber or good quality; 2) really frickin' cool; see "the shiznit"
That be some shizzy music!
by Robert Alfaro January 19, 2003
Used after another word in a friendly fashion but to denote that you couldn't care less about what they're doing and are just saying it to get something that you want, often donuts.
You be, like, my friend-shizzy! (steal donut)
by Smyke April 11, 2010
The act of a male punching the shit out of a female.
Damn, that bitch just got shizzied!, I'm about to Shizzy your ass girl.
by that bitch u wanna hate. October 25, 2011
used in the form of doing something wrong, or stupid, in a stupid like manor being stupid and all that stupid stuff.
"Hi my names Pineapple"
"hey pineapple how are you"
"eat my insides"
"ew you freak"
"aww shizzy!"
Slang term for meth. From calling it shit (which it is) to a more coded version.
"Hey Man Want To Go Smoke Some Shizzy."
"I Hate Him When He Is On Shizzy"
by tweaker hater December 06, 2006
A word that only stupid hoes use because they think they're gangster...which they're just white trash.
Also, only the lowest of the low use it.
Amy: Yo Mike, you're sexy, fo shizzy.
Mike: Supid hoe, thats not a real word for white people
by Mike Williamson November 28, 2007
A dwarf from the land of Azeroth who stands a mere foot and two inches tall. She enjoys blowjobs and long walks on the beach. She is never far from her double-sided battle axe, which she uses for sexual gratification.

P.S Shizzy smells.
Go get the step ladder so you can give me head, Shizzy.
by Captain Ironclaw April 29, 2005
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