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1. The most chronic of the super-sonic body tonic.

2. The best marijuana in the universe. If you smoke it you will become all enlightened and stuff.

3. Kind of weed that is stronger than magical mushrooms. Which is so rare that it only comes along about once or twice in a lifetime.
"Damn... this weed is the shiznittlebamsnipsnapsack!"
"The weed."
"That we just smoked."
"Don't you remember anything?"
"...Oh my god... YOU CAN SEE ME?!"
"What the fuck are you talking about?"
"Like...Holy shit I I I was up and i was trying to get over legs. Like this. (Demonstration of body unjulation)"
"uhh huh."
"Ya know and like I fell back into me but it wasn't like one of those things where your just like "What am I doing here. What is this right in front of me. Oh it's my body" It was like I came with myself and I stayed there at the same time and I was like in two places at once! Like If I was traveling faster than the speed of light and I was consious of it and it was like normal time to me but I went forward in time and skipped like a scrached cd. Ya know it was just like the fucking way things are man beacause--"
"Wait what?"
"No man just let me just finish my fucking sentence...........uhhh right so when you think about it... all that shit is almost as if you are traveling backward or forward through time but because time is just a creation of man. Its more like you are reversing or excellerating existance... I mean like... space and time."
"Holy shit dude... I totally understand what you mean. Like we as humans. We could just be some fucking dorm rooms for other dimensions."
"What that't not really what I ment."
"Umm just ponder this: Like are a whole universe. Time, space, relitvity, everything could just be a pin prick in a quark in our existance. There whole universe and the history of life in it glows brilliantly for... not even a trillanth of a second and then dies. So what we see all around us. Everything. The universe. It's shelter for the unfathomable, infinite number of universes. It's like the best light show ever and we don't even recognize that it's even there."
What's a quark"
"It's what popped out when they split an atom I think."
"What's inside a quark?"
"...The Vagina Of God."
"Hahah imagine how good that pussy is."
"Shit yeah man that's the best pussy in town!"
(laughter ensues)
-actual conversation I had with my friend.
by Slug Head Eighty Two Billion December 16, 2004
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The Highest Quality of something.
"That weed was the shiznittle bam snip snap sack" (DC in "Half Baked")
by Igloo Hotboxman August 13, 2006
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The ULTIMATE. Beyond awsome. Something that exceeds your wildest expectations as coined by Thurgood Jenkins.
I knew that shit would be off the chain but it was the shiz-nittlebam snip-snap-sack!
by TripWire9 June 01, 2010
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