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derivative of the word shiznit, shiznit but with more emphasis, the best of the best
Now that I've seen that on TV, that is the shiznite!
by Drew July 07, 2004
1 of Master Shake's favourite words.

That was the SHIZNITE!

i.e. shizzy excet not.
by $abotage September 20, 2003
The same as shiznit but showing more emphasis as to show excitement; Shit but a more elongated term used frequently by african americans
Now that I have seen that on TV that is the SHIZNITE!
by Mark Hendricks July 23, 2006
An awesome website

The shiznite is a derivative of shiznit, sheite, sheit, shizz, shizzle, among others. All of these words are a derivative of "stuff."

theshiznite.com is a place to get news or "stuff." All kinds of commentary on news can be found, along with comic relief from the world. It is a place to freely express your opinions. Welcome to the "stuff" or better known as theshiznite.com
Man, do I love theshiznite.com
by Wiitigo April 20, 2004