Euphemism for "shit". Often used when in the middle of "shit" when you remember you shouldn't cuss in front of children.
"Oh shi...znit i forgot i was supposed to pay the phone bill!"

"Mommy, what does shiznit mean?"
by ocdbludsuker January 24, 2010
when something is extremely damn cool.
my new skirt is the shiznit!
by hmarky January 12, 2004
someone or something that is just awesome, beyond words... just 'the shiznit'.
Roger: Courtney, you da shiznit!
Courtney: No, no, Roger... YOU da shiznit!
by Courtney April 30, 2003
A slang word used in substitution of "shit",
Most cases if you are "The shiznits" then they are saying you are "The shit",
"Oh P-Diggity-Dog Those dance moves make you the shiznits!"
~ Example from a club
by DJMazzyG June 08, 2010
victorias word
holy shiznits
by victorialovessyou November 03, 2014
Ty Pennington, host of Extreme Makeover Home Edition.
Ty Pennington is the shiznit! he does so many great things for people. and he cries on TV! the shiznit.
by tips07 October 09, 2009
What the urban dictionary's new book is!
This book is the shiznit
by Khashbu May 15, 2009

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