This word can be used when describing "shit". People know what youre saying. But you're not REALLY cursing...
Like "Thats some cool shiznit you got there", or "I gotta deal with all this shiznit".
by cassie April 15, 2005
An alternate word for sh*t.
Great word to stop cursing habits.
Shiznit!!!You just stepped on my shoe!!!
by White Rice225 August 24, 2016
shiz-nit is a way to avoid saying a swearword when your mad
1. shiz-nit i just stubed my toe
2. shiz-nit i just died in a video
by iluminati_gaming April 18, 2016
To drop a deuce. Bowel movement overload. Stomach problems.
I got the shiznit after drinking that latte. Yo, looking at that makes me want to take a shiznit.
by Shiznit August 12, 2015
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