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A tighter way to say "Fuck!"
The fusion of the words "shizzy" and "motherfuck."
A cool way of spelling shiznamotherfuck.
A vulgar expression of anger, frustration, or eagerness.

Shiznahmutherfukk , my KFC is taking a fuckin' long to get all fried and shiot.

Shiznahmutherfukk, thats one ill ass gat foo!
by Grayson Stebbins February 13, 2003

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a word used when you hit your ass really hard on the pullout couch
person one- shiznahmutherfukk
person two- you must be expressing anger and pain for the fact that you hit your ass on the pullout couch really hard
person one- that i am... that, i, am
by moo August 30, 2004