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a dog
a dog
by shaw October 22, 2003
A zoo with no animals?
by DaveA October 23, 2003
a word used when you are saying shit in front of an adult.
Boyfriends's mother: You forgot the tickets.
You: Shit...zus are my favorite animals
by darkchocolate June 03, 2005
The dumbass' way of spelling shih-tzu.
Person A) OMG i jus gotta new shitzu omg itss soooo cute!!!!11
Person B) *head asplodes*
by I can spell March 30, 2005
my dog "Buddy"
i have a shitzu
by Josh July 13, 2003
A type of dog. Kids in school 11 and below say it in school to substitute a word for "SHIT!" said so they wont get in trouble.
(teacher)Sorry Jimmy, you failed on this test.
(Jimmy)AW SHITZU MY MOM WILL KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by THATAWKWARDGUY6996 January 28, 2014
1. a species of dog

2. Sheet
That shitzu just ler out a shitzu on the sidewalk! Gross!

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "my puppie dog from 4 month bites me all the time and I dont know how to make him stop whith this painfoof habit. I am going to be very gratefool if you can explane me what to do.
thanks a lot susana"
by Rosh April 20, 2003