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a shitter title is a videogame that is not worth the $60 it costs at launch, but is worthy of a $10 (or lower) purchase. shitter titles usually have some gaping flaw, be it graphics, story, or gameplay. there are in fact different tiers and characteristics of a shitter title, such as:

bottom of the barrel, don't touch that shitter: these shitters are the worst of the worst, and you shouldn't play them even if you got it for the price of a beefy crunch burrito. (about 99 cents.) games like naruto: shippuden, vampire rain, and nearly any movie-liscensed game are good examples.

mid-tier shitter: this shitter isn't a bottom of the barrel shitter, but it definitely isn't a high-quality shitter. however, this shitter CAN be enjoyed by the select few who overlook its abundant flaws. some examples of mid-tier shitters are most sonic games, the force unleashed, and jurassic: the hunted. one should only spend about $5-8 on these shitters.

top-tier shitter: a top tier shitter is a shitter that is very close to being a "goodie", but some flaws hold it back from reaching "great" status. however, one should definitely seek out top-tier shitters. they're fun, and the best of the bunch have full co-op campaigns, THOSE are the top of the heap shitters. games like hunted: the demon's forge, F.3.A.R., prey, and syndicate can all be considered top-tier shitters. one may spend an upwards of $15 on these shitters, making them quite pricey.
"i went on amazon today and purchased a bunch of shitter titles. i can't wait to pop-in hunted: the demon's forge and play that online coop!"
by namelessRAGEguy March 06, 2012
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