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One that indulges in sucking the asshole of one another.
Yo that chick was hot, but tha bitch must be a Shit Smoker because her face reeked of donkey crotch.
by leadfoothatch June 01, 2009
Someone who likes to smoke while there taking a shit. some people like to smoke when they drink, but shitsmokers smoke when they shit
Hey danielle, did you know doreen is a shitsmoker, instead of smoking while drinking she smokes while shitting.
by Tommy Pito May 30, 2011
A word similar to "motherfucker." A vulgar obscenity that has many different uses.
1. "Hey, that stupid shitsmoker just spilled my beer!"

2. "This is one shitsmoker of an album. It's the best death metal record I've ever heard."

3. "We're gonna have a shitsmoker of a winter. It's gonna be negative 35 degrees."