A geographical/ socio-economical clusterfuck. Generally unsafe & its inhabitants long for a way out.
This country is a shitscape.
by mskillerbyte October 02, 2011
Top Definition
Runescape. It's a game made by Andrew something. IT SUCKS. IT SUCKS ASS. Bad Graphics. Bad Lag. Cheaters, and sfcking cheesy. DO NOT PAY for this game unless you want to be consumed by it. It's bad for you. Play some Counter Strike or something
Runescape is fucking SHITSCAPE.
by RUNESCAPE SUCKS December 29, 2005
A Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game created by a little known company on the internet by the name of Jagex Inc. this game is basically for Freebies and Noobies alike.Its best that you find yourself another MMORPG to play unless if your really into shitfest graphics and ridiculous skills to master.
Guy 1: "dude Dave,do you play Runescape?

Guy 2: "You mean Shitscape?,hell no!"
by Metrox January 21, 2010

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