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1. Derogatory term used to describe a person who hates the character Fonzy from Happy Days.
2. Just a general derogatory term coined in nineteen dickity two by Brent K.
Yo, this guy is a total shitrake.

Aw man, you don't like fonzy? You're a shitrake.
by Brent K December 27, 2005
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1. A derogetory word I use when I try to piss off my retarded sibling.

2. A rake designed specifically for raking up fecal matter.

3. Where you shit on your hand and scratch someone's back with the shit lodged in your fingernails.
1. "You stupid shit rake!"

2. "Wow Billy, that's a mighty fine shit rake ya got there!"

3. 'I shit on my hand and scratched someone's back with my shit lodged fingernails, glad to rake your aquaintance I exclaimed."
by Davidov_G August 30, 2006
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