When you stick you dick in a girls ass and it comes out with some mud on the helmet. Thus resembling a shish-kabob with shit instead of meat.
I stuck my dick in that bitch's ass and when I was done man did I pull out a juicy shitkabob.
by moongloom February 06, 2008
Top Definition
just a random word for saying shit but in a better way
holy shitkabob daniela ur a fucking bitch
by yeshello July 05, 2011
The act of several men having anal sex at the same time.
Did you see how long that shit kabob was at the parade tody?
by jayroll91 February 08, 2011
Formed when a straightened out coat- hanger is used to pick up a pair of Dunny Pants and the ending results in fecal matter sticking to the retrieval device.
i was cleaning up the house after that retirement party and ended up with a shit kaBob when i grabbed those dunny Pants from behind the TV set.
by second shifter July 23, 2009
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