1. A union ass bag who steals from the workers while supposedly "representing" their interests.

2. An AFSCME Representative

Note: this is a gender inclusive term that can be applied to a man, woman, or trans-gendered person.
That shit-heel at AFSCME is worse than Jimmy Hoffa. At least Hoffa got the workers paid good. That shit-heel at AFSCME doesn't even do that for us. Fact is s(he) couldn't give two shits about us. S(he) just wants to get paid..
by guyworkin April 04, 2009
Shitheel is a term used to describe people that drive dump trucks.
Some Shitheel cracked my windshield.
by Pud May 31, 2005
A stupid kid who won't shut up and sit down.
If that bitch doesn't control her shit heels, I'm going to backhand them myself.
by a student teacher November 15, 2007
Anything that is on your heel is not a good thing so when you have shit on your heel thats a bad situation or a bad place to be, a horse stable.
This is a shit heel town.
by Michael E. June 05, 2006
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