when a girl forgets to wipe and then the guy fucks her in the ass then fucks her in the cunt
I heard that girl got a shit cunt last night.
by Kimmy Sucksalot July 07, 2006
Top Definition
The most sarcastic, abusive, shitty cunt there is, globally recognised for his or her cuntishness.
That mph, what a complete shitcunt
by Fade_and_Die May 16, 2006
A person who is deemed to be not only unpleasant to be around but the worst kind of unpleasant.
Why are you still talking to me you fucking shit cunt?
by Big Sexy Mik November 18, 2011
The Word shitcunt describes the worst kind of person, a dickhead, a cunt, a shit head, a twat, a prick, a pedo all these combined to create the shitcunt.
You see that Shaun Dennis over there, he is such a fucking shitcunt
by ahhyeahWakeupyeah December 15, 2010
A word used to describe various forms of low-life scum.
"That dickhead Matty O is such a Shitcunt"
by Jason (Im a midget) Kolbeck February 12, 2007
shitcunt term of affection and/or term of anger to a fellow.
'Oi, shitcunt!!! Hows trix?' - affection

'I'll fuckin kill you and yer dirty shitcunt family!!! I'll blow you all up!!!' - anger
by paulw December 03, 2003
The most uber stupid, idiotic twat you know.
Leroy is a shitcunt
by Doug November 08, 2003
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