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someone from oregon. totally replaceable with oregonian, oregoner, oregonite, oregano, and shitbean.
1-man, dude, ponch is such a fucking shitbean. look at the shit bean over there, being all shitbeany.
2-oregon is full of shitbeans.
3-'shitbean'. hahahahah.
by pe to the ter January 26, 2005

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1. An ignorant person
2. (s!!) an exclamation of suprise/excitement etc.
3. Those little bits that cling to your bum
1. The shitbean gave me DECAF instead of Regular
2. Shitbeans!! I won the lottery!
3. Its times like these I wish I had a bidet.
by spasticism August 23, 2003
the opposite of cool beans
used when something doesnt go your way; used for something relatively small or something that doesnt have a huge impact on life
"ah shit beans i stubbed my toe", "shit beans they scored"
by sharky20 May 14, 2007