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A really old and/or clapped out car which should be in the scrappy but is still being used
I aint goin in that cab, its a right shitbanger!
by stevie-J August 16, 2007
someone who has sex analy. Goes in the wrong door.
my boss is a shitbanger he fucks his dads ass.
by michael October 27, 2003
A man who butt fucks another man in a gay act.
You have to dads one of them is a shitbanger.
by michael October 27, 2003
the sexyest bitched alive...every guy wants them....they usually stay single... they have lots of friends and every one want to be them
"damn...i wish is was a shit banger.... they are so pretty." Abby and Robyn said.
by dsb #1 March 11, 2009