When there is an intense, overwhelming painful cramping in the stomach and abdomenal region that usually ends results in one bent over clutching themselves in pain. Sometimes there are the noises of a weasle running around and screaming to be released, by means of diarrahea. Side effects may include: goosebumps, shivering, crying, cramping, burning of the anus, sweating, and sharting or aka shit farting.
"Oh man, my stomach hurts sooo bad, I think I have a shit weasel running around and wants to get out oooouch!!" and then run to the bathroom for relief.
by Corinne G. May 08, 2007
a person who is of no use to society (slang)
get outta here you shit weasel!!
by crabman250 January 09, 2010
Someone who is continually "pressing others buttons" just for their own amusement.
What fucking shit weasel did this!
by jjsw January 20, 2004
Alien creature that resembles a lamprey. It developes inside a human host until it bursts out of their ass.
"Boy did that shit weasel burst out of my ass. I sure am dead now."
by William March 29, 2003
that stuff you plunge out of your bathtub when it gets clogged with hair
Gotta plunge the tub shit weasel is clogging the pipe.
by fangsneed March 09, 2012
A person who displays weasel characteristics including but not limited to a lack of respect for anything. A shit weasel lags in all aspects of life, especially golf.
Where is that shit weasel Joe? Our tee time was at 10:30!!

ppreciate that pal
by The Man WTMP January 15, 2012
A phrase normally utilized to expressing aggravation toward someone you are well aquainted with.
"Hey shit weasel! Were the fuck did you put the nutella?"
by poshloster 3000 December 29, 2011

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