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toilet roll or tissue paper, or a cus
yo john i'm goin down t'shop to get some shit rag so i can wipe me arse after I crap like
by AJUDD001 July 12, 2008
Toilet paper (usually used)
That biznitch missed the shitter hole and left his shit-rag on the floor!
by XtRaVa November 24, 2003
Somebody who sucks at everything, cannot do anything right, or is just a plain mother-fucking piece of shit
You Bloody shitrag
I'mm gonna bust your ass, shitrag
A patent attorney who picks and rearranges his balls and also teabags the desks of unsuspecting secretaries.
Aww damn ... just look at ShitRAG down there digging in his nuts again. He must have crabs.
by S January 25, 2005
the totally worthless reading material men keep by the crapper.
"Hey, don't be cleaning out the magazine rack in the bathroom...those are my shit rags".
by Pooh02 January 28, 2009
A stage in life where everything is shitty. Two or more guys coming together and becoming bros through the experience. This stage lasts for a little bit, then becomes a fond memory between bros.
Michael and Ben's first week and a half at college, they were shitrags.
by Jackie Nol October 27, 2010
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