verizon wireless
verizon wireless, thinks they can charge me for roaming when the phone screen says "verizon" on it
by DAVE December 12, 2003
Stupidity; idiocy; etc. A person who has "shit for brains" behaves stupidly. "Shit for brains" refers to brainlessness.
Gee, Jim, you are one stupid ass; you must have shit for brains!
by RC59 September 04, 2013
Having actuall "shit for brains".
"I ate the former brain and replaced it with shit. He now has shit for brains".
by Liz alcott January 30, 2004
Something that all most all rappers possess. In the rest of the general population this quality in exhibited rarely. Yet among rappers it all most if not entirely 100%.

I don't know how they got so many idiots in one genera. Usually they are spread out, one to a village.

The best, most socially conscious thing that they SHOULD DO is not breed. Although it seems that all they really care about is acting and dressing retarded and getting their peter wet.

That rapper has the brownest eyes I've ever seen. He must have shit for brains !!!
by rapsucks1738 January 21, 2007
Shit-for-brains is commonly used to describe people who often go off topic and talk about something completely irrevelent. These people aren't very good at socializing and are extremely random. (most likely they are trying to acheive a certain kind of humor but failing miserably) Also see dumbfuck
Ahh, guess we gotta break this conversation up. Here comes Shit-for-brains matthew.
by shit-for-brains September 12, 2009
Shit for brains actually come from the custom of Latvians who, at one time, used fecal matter to stuff a dead bodies crainial orifices before burial. This was an inexpensive method of getting rid of a lot of shit and saving a few bucks.
However, during WW2 GI Joes serving in Europe misunderstood the references and took it to mean an insult.
They began using the saying at home in the USA
Hey Gustov, you got shitska for brainskis? Please to be passing some over, I need for Uncle Batinov's funeral.
SHITSKA FOR BRAINSKIS translated: shit-for-brains.
by DEPTHCHRGR August 30, 2006

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