Facebook chat is not chit chat. It's shit chat.

Happens when you want to chat with someone using FB chat but it shows that your friend is offline when he/she is actually not.
K: Hey
S: Hi!
S is offline
S is online
S is offline
S is online
K: Stupid FB chat. It's a total shit chat!
by User13579 November 28, 2010
Top Definition
a conversation that you see is obviously genna go no where
fred : goat
pete : tit
fred : this is pure shit chat
by monkeyboi1992 September 08, 2007
when ur talkin shit about people behind their back
molly: hey jessica i haven't seen u in a while!

jessica: haha yea we need to chill together and shit chat

molly: fer sure :)
by mmmmhmm611 April 14, 2010
dropping a Deuce/taking a shit and talking/chatting on a Phone
Nick: what's up ,what are you doing?

Rob: Nothing ,just dropping a deuce and thought I'd call for a leetle shit-chat.

Nick: Dope Son
by Slob Crunksley July 27, 2008
like chit chatting, but you are talking to people online with your laptop while in the process of taking a shit
"hey whats up?"

"not much just Shitchatting"

by ttsmith04 July 13, 2008
to shoot the shit or to talk shit to a buddy. Shitchatting is a refined art...please do not try this if you are unexperienced!
Hey man, wanna go grab a beer and shitchat?
by bread infection December 31, 2005
The online equivalent of chitchat, when most of what is communicated are lies, lies and more lies.

In a typical shitchat, two or more parties make themselves out to be more successful, more attractive, more mysterious, more intellectual than they really are.
Fat Dylan knew shitchat was 99-percent bullshit, and after over a hundred shitchats, he ought to have learned his lesson: girls don’t date fat guys.
by Marcus Gomez May 13, 2008
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