Very similar principles to a hit and run but instead of a car you hit your target with a fart and escape the crime scene without leaving evidence.

There are many ways to acomplish a Shit and Run, all with varying results and hilarity. One method, which is not very tactful, is to walk up to a friend and purposfully fart as close as you can to him, preferably with noise and a touch of moist splatter. This is best carried out in an office where the farticle can linger and there is a chance your target is on a chair and you can drop it in their mouth.

The stealth method is by far the best but does not work well with clingers (farts that follow you.) which will inevitably lead your victim to you. In this method you sneak up to an unsespecting person and quietly pop one out. This action can be covered up with conversation but a stern poker face is important. Once dropped leave the scene and watch as your farticle settles in their lungs. For real potent poppers it is best to get as far away as possible to remove suspicion.
Dude! I just totally shit and runned that gruop of nuns
by Mark Townsend May 16, 2008
Top Definition
Like a hit and run but involving taking a shit. It's any shit that is performed in under two minutes, thus leaving no time to wipe, wash your hands, or flush. So you drop trow, shit, pull up, and go. The next person into the stall knows they've been the victim of the shit and run.
Shit Sergeant: "Alright maggots we're doing the two minute drill, the shit and run on my whistle!!"
by bangbangletchyanutshang April 15, 2005
This is a prank only pulled off by the professionals including my friend Darren. If you are getting a ride from anyone that you dont like or dont know, for example a taxi, then you calmy pull down your pants and take a shit in the back seat. As the smell reaches the driver's nose he will mostly likely turn around thinking what the fuck is that smell?? Then you yell o fuck watch out! This is best done at nighttime because the driver would probably slam the brakes. When the car stops you get out and run.
"Man Darren, that was smooth performing a shit and run in the back of Matt's car without using any T.P."

"Give that taxi driver a shit and run so you dont have to pay for the fare"
by Meech April 12, 2005
1. To take a shit and leave without washing ones hands

2. To stop off at a relative or friends house with the sole intention of taking a quick shit and then continuing on your way.

3. To intentionally take a shit somewhere inappropriate as a joke and run off. I.E. in your friends car, in the house of someone you hate, a taxi cab a Subway train etc...

4. When your stomach bubbles but you haven't shit for a while so the first portion is a super solid constipated chunk, but is immediately followed up by the nastiest case of the runs you have ever had. (think Southpark Episode of Petite Turrets - Where the guy with turrets says "Piss Coming out My Ass") Usually experienced after eating super spicy food such as Mexican or Hot Thai or Hot Chinese food with the little red peppers.

1. "Eewww. I saw that dud take a shit n run without washing his hands, now he's over there stuffing his face with the bread rolls and touching his girlfriends face. If she only knew."

2. "Sorry I had to pull a shit and Run bro, but I my stomach's aching and we were in the neighborhood so... Anyway don't go in there for at least 20 minutes"

3. John "I hate my gym teacher so much I pulled a Shit & Run in his gym bag. He nearly puked when he looked in there. I'll bet it stunk super bad cause I zipped that bitch up too LOL."
Dan "dude that's fucked up, it had to be nasty, I'll bet he just threw the whole bag away"
John "He had too, we all got detention, but everybody thought it was worth it except for a few of the girls"

4. "Dude I had the worst case of Shit & Run the other night, totally reminded me of the South Park episode where Cartmen pretended to have turrets syndrom.. PISS Coming Out My AaaaaSSSSSS."
by Vanguard Reviews October 07, 2009
Taking a massive, hellacious dump in someone else's bathroom (especially a stranger/acquaintance), then leaving swiftly and pretending that nothing happened.
Person 1: Hey man, why are you in such a hurry? We just got here ten minutes ago?

Person 2: Get your coat. I just took a massive shit in this dude's bathroom, and I want to get the hell out of here before he finds out it was me.

Person 1: So...shit-and-run?

Person 2: Exactly.
by Clockwork Lime October 20, 2009
A Shit and Run is when someone takes a shit and leaves it in the toilet for the next person to find unexpectedly. It happened to me after school today and I was pretty pissed.
Mikey likes to shit and run.
by Jimmythefish150 April 07, 2009
To take a shit in a very quick fashion. In and out of the stall in minutes, rarely involving excessive wiping.
I had to leave in the middle of that test for the bathroom, luckily it was a shit and run. I barely missed any time.
by Doctor Gels September 22, 2011
While the shit and run has always referred to taking a shit in an inappropriate place (usually as a joke) and then high-tailing out of the location, the newest iteration involves taking a shit in a girl's house after you have had a one night stand with her and then leaving the house immediately (flushing the toilet is optional).
Jack: Dude, where were you last night?

Mark: Met a girl at the bar but she was so fucking annoying I had to pull a shit and run.

Jack: Did you flush?

Mark: Hell no!
by Nair December 20, 2010

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