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A fucking worthless poor and ignorant person.
That guy smells like unwashed ass, Yea looks like a Shit Nigger to me.
by crazymofoo August 20, 2006
10 Words related to shit nigger
a) Videogame slang: A phrase used in anger, often when killed or in some other way aggravated

b) A black person composed of feces
a) SHITNIGGER!!!! He just edgehogged me!

b) dude, look at that shitnigger!
by John F. Spunkle December 05, 2008
Something to say when you are pissed or lose a game
Alexis- *loses game on phone*

Alexis- *throws phone on table* "Shit nigger'"
by Bobert319 June 20, 2014
SAying this is like the dsame thing as "sweet" or "cool" but this is cooler because this is the Black way of saying cool.
Shit nigger i just busted a cap on yo' candy ass.
by BRAD December 15, 2004

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