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1.Someone who cannot change their past, no mater how hard they try to change it.

2.The old saying "a leopard can't change it's spots" with the word shit placed in front of leopard. Coined by Julian's cop girlfriend Erica on the Trailer Park Boys.

1. That Timothy Johnson is a shit leopard.

2."Julian's friend Ricky, in my opinion, is a shit leoopard that can't change it's spots"

-Erica, Trailer Park Boys
by Tom the kid July 17, 2006
The recipient of a diarrhea spray from another in a fashion that resembles the spots on a leopard.
When a name calling battle ensues, the insults will eventually lead to references pertaining to shit, the best way to end the battle is to call the other person a a shit leopard.
by TheyNeedToKnow June 30, 2010
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