Sunny outside and requiring sunglasses.
Damn, it's shiny out!
by Louis Quatorze August 03, 2005
The most beautiful girl you can ever see. She is cute like a baby and seductive like a real hot woman. She attracts you with her deep mysterious nature. She is an awesome friend and can keep secrets. She is very intense and a very faithful partner when she is in love. If she loves you, she will love you with all her heart and would do anything and everything for you but at the same time she is cold as ice, rude and very mean to strangers. She finds it hard to trust people or even doesn't trust at all. If she says she is in love with you, you're one lucky guy!
Oh my God! That girl is so amazing. Her name must be Shiny.
by Def 1 December 26, 2014

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