Originally from Sapporo, Japan, a shidmaster is a specialist in retaining huge amounts of bowel encrusted fecal matter for weeks to months as a form of meditation.
Shidmasters in India are known to be able after months of non-functioning bowels, give themselves, only through anal suction, deep colonics to release the dangerous build up of waste.
"Hey, I'm not sitting around that guy; he looks bloated and is definitely a shidmaster looking for some weird fun"
"Hey Shidmaster, drop me a few nuggest of shid"
by Robert Jackson March 28, 2005
Top Definition
the ruler of all things sexy, destructive and awesome (Peter is the Only shidmaster)
Penister: I AM the shidmaster!
Genital Fur: you ARE the shidmaster! let's make out!
by penister <3 genital fur April 13, 2005
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