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A non-jewish female. Considered deragatory. In the original Hebrew it means "serving girl", the connatation is that the female is of a lower class and there for unfit for the company of Jewish males.
"Rachel dumped Joshua when she found out he was banging some shicksa"
by Dwayne Boyd August 18, 2005
A non-Jewish female who sexually pleases a Jewish male.
"Hey Ariana, are you going to the Jewish Community Center tonight?"

"Heck yes I am!"

"You fucking shicksa...."
by bi4aday September 18, 2006
Term refering to a girl. It is a Yiddish term refering to a cute (blond) non-jewish girl.
Could Chick be derived from Shicksa? Chick being a casual English word for girl with a neutral connotation.
The shicksa goes to the jewish community center to attract vulnerable jewish men.
by c2cjim January 11, 2012
you female genital
by Anonymous October 14, 2003