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A non-jewish female. Considered deragatory. In the original Hebrew it means "serving girl", the connatation is that the female is of a lower class and there for unfit for the company of Jewish males.
"Rachel dumped Joshua when she found out he was banging some shicksa"
by Dwayne Boyd August 18, 2005
141 53
A non-Jewish female who sexually pleases a Jewish male.
"Hey Ariana, are you going to the Jewish Community Center tonight?"

"Heck yes I am!"

"You fucking shicksa...."
by bi4aday September 18, 2006
59 33
Term refering to a girl. It is a Yiddish term refering to a cute (blond) non-jewish girl.
Could Chick be derived from Shicksa? Chick being a casual English word for girl with a neutral connotation.
The shicksa goes to the jewish community center to attract vulnerable jewish men.
by c2cjim January 11, 2012
14 18
you female genital
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
12 111