To fail a test so badly that if the test were re-curved using only the scores of the people who failed, you still would have failed.
Oh, man. I totally sherpa'd the Math midterm.
#fail #epic fail #win #snake #dumbass
by HouseOfCaptains February 01, 2011
Top Definition
An experienced guide helping others on a mountain climbing expadition.
Edmund Hillary - first person to climb Mt. Everest.
Tenzing Norgay - Sherpa that helped him
#tenzing norgay #mountain #climber #guide #experience
by Cate Kidman September 02, 2008
A sober guide/leader who escorts the stoners into public situations
After we hit the bong, out ROTC roomate would be our sherpa on our adventures to get food/drink at the local eatery/watering hole.
by CP A620 April 03, 2005
one (usually of higher skill) who helps noobs beat a game or specifically a hard part of a certain level in exchange for an achievement or kills in which to level
noob: help me i need a sherpa!

me: fine but only if you help me level.

noob: ...i only need to beat a mission...

me: i dont care you need my help and i expect something in return.

noob: fine...
#sherpa #noob #help #assist #games
by pro sherpa March 02, 2008
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