Shenennagans...something that is hard to believe.
I don't believe that you really borked my grandmother. It's shens for sure. Pure shens.
by Ian0r June 10, 2003
General shenanigans; the result of shenanigans and other shenanigan-like activites
Charlie: I heard your mom found out about the teepeeing

Mikey: Yeah she was not ecstatic about those shens
by Adventure Lad September 06, 2009
Used to express disgust, to comment on an embarassing situation, if you've dropped an ass bomb
that particialrly humdings or to simply say soz!
Have you (beefed)?
Yeah shens mate!

Look at that ugly bird.
by GazzaHezzy July 25, 2009
A sly ninja capable of hiding from sight even when alone in an open area also quite quick and agile and will kill you so don't run.
no example now go away (Shen b/c it has to be here)
by TheReapingNightmare October 28, 2011
That one Asian guy in class who is completely clueless and needs help to do everything, but still ends up getting higher scores than anyone else. Often sells himself to slavery at a very cheap price (turtle).
"My Shen is very good, and it does everything I say!" Or "How did Shen get 1st in class?"
by RoofLass809 October 30, 2013
n. Dialectical variation on the word son; used to refer to a friend, acquaintance, or whatever have you.
"Yo, let me cop that real quick, shen"

"Yo, dat's hot shen."

"What's up, shen?"
by erikwithuhk January 30, 2008
Short for shenanigan(s). Usually used in plural form. Meaning any form of trickery or deception.
It was shens!!! all shens!!!
by Bloodbath June 25, 2004
Short for "shenanigans".

When dining with a group of friends, it is perfectly acceptable to tamper with or "shen" their food, drink or personal property if they leave the table at any time

The only way to counter a shen is for a person to declar "No shens." or "No shenanigans." when leaving the table temporarily.
"Bob got up to go to the bathroom and we totally shenned him! We hid sugar packets in his coat pocket and mixed salt in with his Coke."
by DVG May 26, 2005

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