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One of the shorter versions of Shenandoah, PA. As noted in the Shenandoah definition, is sometimes associated with 'da f***', 'the f***', 'df', or 'tf'. 462 being the local phone exchange, 462 da f*** is another of the local sayings identifying the town. 'da f***' used to be the tagline for just about any sentence.
'I'm from Shendo, da f***.' 'My phone number is 9###, that's 462, da f***.' or 'My car broke down, da f***.'
by Mark Z, df May 12, 2006
A word used to identify a short Chinese guy at a party. Usually screamed at the top of your lungs and works especially well if you're tall.
"Hey look! It's SHENDO!!!"
by Keilantra November 26, 2006
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