the combination of shenanigans and antics. something extra crazy
is Scott starting his shenantics again.
by Steven A April 24, 2007
Top Definition
The combination of the words Shenanigans and Antics.
When something is so crazy, so F-ed up, or so stupid that it is used with the word "Shenantics", the two combined words instead.

Besides, no one really used the word "Shenanigans" seriously unless your'e over 40.
Mark: "F*ck Nick, I am SICK of your SHENANTICS!!!"


Lacey: "I just want to get wasted tonight.."
Jenny: "TIME FOR...."


You: "The a-hole buss driver saw me here but didn't stop.." :(
Me: "F*ckin' shenantics man!"
by JennyTerror February 10, 2014

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