a midget woman with large breasts that spurt warm milk
got shawty milk?
by DaFunk June 11, 2003
It be a word used to describe a nigga trippin, talkin shit without backin it up
Yeh now watup shawty?
by Ill_Handle November 07, 2003
WTF!!!!Why the ^#(& do you people say this without knowing what it means. If i get called shawty one more time im gonna kill someone.
Holla' bak shawty!
by XBAW March 06, 2003
the term shawty was first termed in the dirty by Pimp c paying homage to his influence Too $hort. Short also called Shorty the pimp in more than one song, and always pimpin shorties. It's another word for ho.
I'm alwayz pimpin SHAWTYZ in tha fast lane...
by southern pimPadelic May 02, 2015
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