by xplicit-kid February 11, 2003
the term shawty was first termed in the dirty by Pimp c paying homage to his influence Too $hort. Short also called Shorty the pimp in more than one song, and always pimpin shorties. It's another word for ho.
I'm alwayz pimpin SHAWTYZ in tha fast lane...
by southern pimPadelic May 02, 2015
A shawty means a woman/lady that is fine. Men typically use this word to their girlfriend or someone they likem
Boy:Hey shawty, what we gonna talk about?
Girl:I don't know.
by ImShawtyToSomeone April 02, 2015
A nickname given to females usually of African American descent, but also to those associated with African American men. A slang version of the word shorty, it is partly due to the men being significantly taller than their female counterparts.
I'm going to call my shawty.
by pendehocabrone August 21, 2014

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