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Pronounced: "shar-tint". A fancy way of saying "should not". Also, sharndtn't applies to all tenses. It is a contraction of sharndt not, however, sharndt is rarely used by itself. Sharndtn't has the highest vowel to consonant ratio in the English language with one vowel and eight consonants.
Sharndtn't I use this new word all the time to impress my friends?
#sharndt not #should not #shouldn't #should not have #unsharndt
by supagang January 08, 2010
A contraction meaning "sharndt not," sharndtn't is the negative of the word "sharndt." Sharndtn't is simply a suggestive or predictive verb that can be used for any purpose in any tense, as long as said use is negative.
"We sharndtn't do that."
"Sharndtn't we go to the store?"
"We sharndtn't have done that."
"We sharndtn't done that."
"I sharndtn't really want to do such a thing as that, as it sharndt get me in trouble, sharndtn't it?"
#should #shouldn't #would #wouldn't #mindgrapes #thoughtsicles
by Supa Gang January 08, 2010
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