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by Big R March 26, 2005
Top Definition
A share bear is someone who will relay things you have said onto other people. These "other people" could be the person you were talking about, an uninterested, or other gossip queens. Share bears parade around like they care, insinuating a care bear front, but they are truly interested in acting condescending by pretending they know everything.

they will not tell you that they shared your secret, but you will find out. It is impossible to tell these people anything in confidence because they will twist your information and relay it onto whoever gives a shit. share bears ruin friendships.
Person A: I totally asked Justin about that movie and he replied with the synopsis. He's so dense, all I wanted was him to come watch it with me...

Person B: AHAHAH he is so clueless

Person B: Yo justin, you are a dumb shit

Justin: what the hell? How did you find out?

Justin: I'm sorry I'm such an idiot

Person A: Fucking Person B is such a share bear
by stephie-poos November 17, 2009
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