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A beautiful, and talented actress who got her start on "Little House On The Prairie", and continued her success with the hit late 80's cult flick "Heathers", the early 90's hit teen show "Beverly Hills 90210", the hit supernatural tv sreies "Charmed", and formerly hosted the Sci-fi show "Scare Tactics." She has done quite a few made-for-TV movies, and can recently be seen on the latest night time soap "North Shore", which is currently struggling to keep up ratings.
"I loved Shannen Doherty On "Beverly Hills 90210". Brenda was the best!"
by lindsay schantz January 10, 2005
Actress with a reputation for being kicked off such television shows as Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210 for being a complete bitch.
The misfortune of having the same name as Shannen Doherty is the bane of my existence.
by Shannon Doherty March 01, 2005
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