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Someone who has the "shanks" so bad and is all over the golf course. Someone not even capable of getting the ball off the ground, and then gets so mad he chucks his club every shot and makes everyone around him uncomfortable.
The best example of a shankapotamus is Stephen Koytek.
by Mr Shandman February 23, 2009
Semi-aquatic amateur athlete found on golf courses, especially in ponds and sand traps. Large clumsy limbs, gaping mouth, and poor golfing skills are identifying traits. Also known for welching on skins games.
In the dry season, the shankapotamus can be found searching in waterholes of Hilton Head.
by Prunar October 16, 2009
A term used by soccer players that pertains to the moment when a player goes to be a show off, thinking they are going to take an amazing kick but turns out shanking the ball. Shanking is kicking the ball way over the goal or way out of the field in general. hence.. A terrible shot.
example 1. That was quite a shankapotamus of a kick, it went way past the goal!

example 2. HOLY SHANKAPOTAMUS!! (as the ball goes flying a mile over the goal.)
by IfSheCouldOnlyKickABall November 13, 2011
1) Kill Joy
2) Buzz Kill
3) Some one who ruins the moment.
Example: When you're at a movie and someones phone rings, when they answer it and start talking to whoever called like it's no big deal, that's a shankapotamus.
by TheRealShankapotamus December 10, 2009
When playing Call of Duty and you get owned and don't know where it came from, then see it was a knife kill and everyone is laughing at you
J-man: *gets knifed*
NN: Jajajajaja. Dude you just got shankapotamus'd.
J-man: Wow... i feel like an idiot.
by VIT0 June 14, 2009
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