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The act of having a shit and a wank simultaneously, often placing both elements in a sandwich afterwards.
Ali: 'I just had a shank'

Zara: 'You're a dirty bastard'

Ali: ' And I'm gona put it in a sandwich'

Zara: 'Just leave'
by James/Zara February 21, 2009
1 3
To have the dual desire of wanting a shower combined with the need to masturbate.
I need a shank.
by Matatu November 24, 2008
1 3
to "pants" someone; to yank on someone's pants so that they fall to the ground, revealing their tighty-whiteys, if they're wearing any. leads to extreme humiliation.
"Girls used to shank each other in my high school. It was a real problem."
by devfk November 18, 2008
3 5
pretty much another word for fuck
what the shank!!

i shanked her like 7 times!
by mikey maggot October 21, 2008
1 3
the act of taking a shit and having a wank at the same time
man i was having a pull on the toilet last night and i really needed to empty my bowels so i just had a shank
by poida234 October 21, 2008
0 2
a combination of masturbating while taking a shit
Shiting and Wanking
I just caught Fred shanking to a cosmo mag

ooh dam i just put some cream on the chocolate pie
by Shoe Boot August 24, 2008
0 2
jack sucking whore who has acute neck hair problem. often found in the alps or in mildly cold areas.
dude did you see that shank in the woods?
by ms+am August 10, 2008
3 5