1. A homemade knife, sometimes very crudely made from ordinary objects (sharpened end of a toothbrush), fashioned from various materials i.e. steel, glass, plastics, woods, etc. It can be made into multiple sizes and styles such as a serated or smooth blade. Found and used in prisons.
"Hand me that shank,ese! I'm gonna punch this fools ticket if it's the last thing I do!"
by Jukeboxjerk May 25, 2005
any item which was not meant to be a weapon but turned into one
You want to give that crazy child a tool set for Christmas? Might as well call it 'My First Shank Set'

In prison people would sharpen the hard plastic ends of toothbrushes into weapons, thus making them a shank
by montag May 19, 2005
1.To stab someone with a sharp oblect
2.A knife
" I'll shank you blood!"
by Pirate Princess Kylie May 18, 2005
A stabbing device that usually causes death
I hope Tory doesn't get shanked by the BHP mafia before Wednesday.
by Popo April 24, 2005
the act of putting side spin on a ping pong ball byy violently pulling the padle across your body as the ball strikes it, left of body to the right of body(reverse if player is left handed)
1. he shanked that winner and joe and no chance
2. im going to shank the ball so much u will fall on your ass
by mrjeffpape April 10, 2005
to steal, such as the act of taking something without permission.
Yo, that dude just shanked my noodes.
by joe February 25, 2005
To stab someone with a knife.
I'm gonna shank you like a Mexican, bitch!
by Bodacious Bob February 14, 2005

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