A term that is massively overused. It usually means a man/woman who only judges by looks and not by personality.

Many ugly girls consider guys shallow just because they get turned down by them and vice versa. A lot of ugly guys think girls are shallow because they get turned down. But neither of these are true.

The true example of shallow is when a guy/girl base someone's personality on how they look. If you're confused read below.
I was hanging out with my friend the other day who is quite a bit better looking than me (I'm not ugly, he's just hot I guess). So he and I are hanging out with this girl from school and I decide to test something.

Early that day I tell her a joke and she kind of laughs. So about 6 hours later, I have my friend tell her the exact same joke, word for word and she cracks up like it's the funniest thing she's ever heard.

Apparently the same exact joke was funnier when told by him, just because he's better looking. Avoid girls/guys like that at all cost.
by LAJ June 28, 2005
Top Definition
Judging a person based strictly on looks, not factoring in their personality whatsoever.
Jon likes Jan because Jan dresses flashy.
by slappymyhead February 22, 2004
A person who cannot access the imaginative, creative, understanding, emotional part of their brain. Shallow people are brainwashed by the media, they can't think for themselves. They tend to like hilary duff, britney spears, and mainstream rap and the little mainstream rock that is played. They serve no purpose to this earth. Their future holds long lines of angry customers that want their hamburger, and the words "we love to see you smile".
see deep depth creativeprepmainstream music
They cannot see the little things, like nature, all they see is what the media tells them to see.
by my name April 06, 2004
The act of judging people by their looks, monetary status, clothes or car, rather than looking deep inside at their heart, personality, etc.
see also Paris Hilton
by Louie January 04, 2005
to care more about looks than personality
stop looking at her boobs you are soo shallow
by BlackDragonV1 November 16, 2003
A person that feeds off of another persons misery, someone that judges books by their cover, someone that is needy, and spolied
The main cheerleader on the squad that dates the hot quarterback
Guy 1: I wish I had like a crap load of money, and then maybe Janie would talk to me?

Guy 2: Why do you like her?, she is shallow, and if you did have all the money, she would spend it and leave you with nothing and move on to the next rich guy.

Guy 1: Nope, she is not that type of girl.

Guy 2: Oh yes she is, and anyway doens't Sally like you?

Guy 1: GROSS, are you serious, she is soo ugly

Guy 2: you know what, I think your right maybe you and Janie belong together, becuase you both are shallow
by Who The Douce Are You? April 14, 2005
To base the format of a structure only on appearance.
You like someone because they're cute/hot/sexy, and yet they're a bitch to you.
by Angeline February 22, 2004
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