(n) a general dick-wad who has several hook up options, but fails to make a move on any of them.

(n) someone destined to be a 40-year old virgin.
chick 1: omg who is that? id totallllly fuck his brains out
chick 2: naww hes a total shagger.

chick 1: damn! and he had so much potential...
by secretzz May 02, 2010
an individual who is unorganized, a scavenger, and just an overall scoundrel at heart. often the individuals are marijuana smokers and are disheveled in appearance. scrounge for basic necessities such as change, food crumbs, or tiny nugs of weed. often associated with fiends, or those who fiend.
being the shagger that i am, i dug through my couch and found 5 dollars of change for breakfast
by LoOkImT.i.2 March 07, 2011
another word for a hicky / lovebite
"look at that shagger on her neck"
by Jakeyy June 04, 2005
a funny person, someone who is an interesting person, someone who has a lot of sex
"what are you doing Charlie, you mad shagger"
"Man 1: i fucked this hot chick last night. Man 2: you mad shagger"
by Aleesha McNamara April 02, 2006
I can't believe i'm the only person to search for this word. A woman welcome at any occassion. (except weddings perhaps)
I left my newlywed wife and took one of her bridesmaids up the scutter in the honeymoon suite. Filthy shagger I am.
by jadio u no August 14, 2003
An attractive lady with nice round bits who shags a lot
"COOOOR mate get a load of that SHAGGER, GOOOOOOOD!!!
by Paul sykes May 12, 2006
Shagger (noun) A Negro's skin color that looks like shit.
Look at that Shagger.
by AZ+RC February 26, 2005

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