A golf ball retriever used to fashion a 5 foot bong.
"Damn homie, that ShagStick hits like Mohamad Ali on PCP!"
by Bodega! April 12, 2005
Top Definition
a penis, usually an erect one
During class i developed a shag stick so i went to the little boys room and busted one off.
by sean frum bk January 01, 2006
Another term for a massive fuck off dildo - guaranteed to have you frothing at the gash

This term refers to a rather 'rustic' dildo - like a massive garden twig, or a broom handle.
Say, Tiffani, what you up to tonight?

Well, Amber, I'm gonna be riding me shag stick, wanna pop it in for me?

OOOHHH.... I'll be flickin me bean tonight with my trusty old shagging stick
by The Master of Definitions October 16, 2008
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