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a combination of sure and yea commonly used by cool kids named Sam Vitello. Ment to show that a question is stupid and obviouse.
Person 1: Hey, i found a video of Linsey Lohan giveing herself a spong bath, want me to send it to you?

Person 2: sh'yea!
by Yo Mamma1 January 22, 2006
operative definition meaning: shit yea!

only used in the context of describing something of the utmost importance and fantasticness that happened recently. When using this word, be sure to employ emphasis and facial expression showing excitement, amusement and even bewilderment.
Guy # 1 : that bitch is soooo hot

Guy # 2 : Shyea! she was smokin'
by Kate and Sandy April 22, 2006
A mixture between shit and yea! When put together you say shyea!
Shyea, I'm going to the party.
by Morgan Howard January 01, 2004
Shit yes; "Shit" and "yeah" put together, sh'yea.
Used instead of phrases such as "fuck yes".
Davo: Do you want to go watch all seasons of House M.D.?
traesko: sh'yea!
by traesko September 28, 2007
hell yea
damn strait
you know it
of course
that's right

shyea has a hint of saracasm basically like : psh, of course
"Shyea I got crunked last night"
by Byrne October 15, 2005
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