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an act between male and female were the male sticks his huge cock inside the females vagina and do it all there lives
harout just fucked monica so hard that monica started crying of joy becuase she just had sexual intercourse
by ha8 May 09, 2008
556 375
The intamacy of getting frisky....satisfying yur every inner horny thot and feeling.
by anonymous August 12, 2003
432 314
A scientific term for "making love", "going to bed with", "carnal knowledge", or just simply put, "sex".
Hey, baby - that was nice sexual intercourse we had last night.
by th100 September 18, 2010
182 152
where a guy sticks his penis in the females vagina pussy
Mike had sexual intercourse with Diana
by harut March 18, 2008
50 50
Coitus or a sexual union between humans usually involving genital contact.
Sexual intercourse is the most highly overrated thing on the planet.
by HT February 03, 2004
306 312
placing a males hoo hoo dilly into a womans cha cha
billys hoo hoo dilly entered marshas cha cha when they had sexual intercourse last friday
by r*j* August 21, 2007
54 63
What to do to have babies/tons of fun
"today is the day we have sex!"
"But we already had it an hour ago!"
"get in the god damn bed, stop bitchin and do it"
by KawaiiAnime November 03, 2003
82 92