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Voluntarily not having sex. This could be for a period or for a lifetime. Some people who practice this have spiritual reasons. Others want to avoid pregnancy or STDs.
Did you practice sexual abstinence until you married your wife?
-Yes, and it was worth it too.
by somekid1981 June 30, 2009
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Choosing to save sexual activity (oral, anal, vaginal sex and mutual masturbation) for a faithful, committed marriage.

See also: Abstinence
Jane: "What do you think about sexual abstinence?"

Lafonda: "Well, I've had sex, but don't do any of that now. My ex broke my heart."

Kip: "I'm not read for a kid, and I definitely don't want painful sores on my junk."

by Audra WYW January 29, 2009
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