to sexpolit someone is to exploit someone sexually. you basically take advantage of someone drunk, passed out, etc. and have sex with them.
Brad saw a hot girl at he party and she was passed out on the couch, so he sexploited her all night long. He got herpes from her. I lowl}-ed when i heard about it.
by will1am January 21, 2008
Top Definition
A sexploit is a combination of two words: sex and exploit. Therefore tales of one's sex life would be "sexual exploits".
The sexploits of a nymphomaniac.
by maenad September 12, 2006
Wild sexual adventures. Usually referred to as such when bragging, making said sexual adventures public knowldege.
Hot frat boys are getting naked and going wild and the cameras were there to catch all the drinking & stripping for the wildest sexploits ever!
by Magnus Malkus October 06, 2008
To rape a person on national television.
See sexposure
by morbious October 30, 2004
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