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the appetite one works up while having hot sex
Wow, i have the worst sex munchies i just fucked the shit out of my gf.
by nignogcory March 08, 2009
Just like the munchies you get from being high, this is getting very hungry after having some really good sex.

This mostly happens to guys after a good fucking session. This ensures you sleep well- satisfied x 2 !
Late at night:
"Are there some sandwiches still left in the fridge baby?*
"Yea I gat the Sex Munchies too John, get me some as well."
by Ntee August 10, 2013
The appetite worked up from having rough, energy-consuming sex.
Damn, you fucked me so hard, I got the sex munchies now.

Okay now that we're done having sex, I'm starving. I totally have the sex munchies.
by Jmtmnt March 03, 2015
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